Current Releases

These are our current releases. They are the latest expression our vineyards
and tireless effort of our winemakers.

Chardonnay 2016


This is a tropical chardonnay with notes of green apple and kiwi with a buttery velvet finish. Try it today! You won't be disappointed!

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SKU: 081686050831

Our newest release...

Perfect crsip, dry white wine with passion fruit, pear and grapefruit overtones and finishes smooth and creamy. 

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SKU: 081686050640
White Merlot

Great summer wine! If you love strawberries, you'll love our white merlot!

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SKU: 081686050862

Rich in color- dark cranberry with a sweet oaky nose and hints of acacia. 

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SKU: 081686050824
Cabernet Sauvignon 11'


New Release...Deep red color that highlights flavors of blackberries and cassis.


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SKU: 081686050770
Syrah 2012

New Release... This wine bursts blackberry and black cherry with a smooth light pepper finish.


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SKU: 081686050848